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Breathe Deeply and Be Calm

“Take a deep breath”   Have you ever heard this suggested as a way to calm yourself?  Probably hundreds of times and you may have even given this advice out to others.
 It is actually great advice because deep breathing calms the central nervous system and gives you something to bring your focus to, BUT do you really know how to take a deep breath?
 It is […]

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    5 Super Simple Extremely Easy Ways To Guarantee Better Health and Happiness

5 Super Simple Extremely Easy Ways To Guarantee Better Health and Happiness

 1-Create a Simple Affirmation like “I am grateful for my family”  “All is well, I release negativity”  – Write it on a piece of paper, set the paper on your bed stand, and look at it every morning.
Prep time: 15 Seconds
Execution time: 10 Seconds
 2-Every Morning, swing your legs around the side of the bed. Sit tall; align your head, neck, and spine. Lift your shoulders […]

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3 Steps to Eating Better

When did choosing what foods to eat become so complex? Making the healthiest food choices has become increasingly confusing.  Do not get frustrated if it seems overwhelming.

There are more food options available now, and more information about those foods than ever before.  Daily there is another study or opinion investigating the best way to lose weight, go organic, cleanse, avoid GMO’s, eat gluten-free, and […]

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