The need and desire to be in control of the situations, details, and people around us is a road block to peace and can inhibit us from moving forward. Always striving to be the controller takes a toll on our body as well through the added stress brought on by it. Some refer to this aspect of ourselves as the control freak. I like to call it the Petty Tyrant.

Petty Tyrant is at work when:

  • You are the only one that can make the right decision and execute it properly.
  • You answer questions for those around you.
  • You feel the need to debate or play devil’s advocate with everything that comes up.
  • You get involved in work, friend or family matters that really don’t need your involvement. You labor over decisions.
  • You allow the situations that you can’t control or get involved in occupy mental space, by thinking and stewing about them.

The counter balance to this might be something like:

  • If you love something, let it go.
  • Let it be or let go let God.

Life involves many tasks, jobs, decisions, and responsibilities.  This concept does not insinuate that any of our duties are removed or reduced. Rather, by owning this way of thinking and being, we can move through our life with more optimism, grace and forward momentum. When we release the stronghold on the speculation of the outcome and the hows of every step along the way, we allow more space for peace and the ability to manifest what it is we truly want.

So what does this have to with wellness coaching and meditation?  Everything. Involving yourself in the coaching process and meditation will bring changes into your life, and they will be positive.  Letting go will allow you to trust in the coaching process and cultivating this mind set will bring that trust to the larger context of your life. That controlling nature makes it more difficult to relax, to follow the breath, and to settle into meditation. Learning to meditate will automatically begin to reduce the patterns of control which have been embedded in us from many years of habitual behavior.  It will allow you freed up energy to put towards something useful and purposeful in your life, and make you more pleasant to be around which will in turn open doors.  Becoming aware of your inner petty tyrant and in what situations it rears it’s ugly head  is a positive step forward. We all have one, some are just allowed to run free.  I can say from personal experience that  taming this beast through meditation will change your life in positive ways that are yet unknown and  unimagined to you. Can’t trust that?  Hmm could be Petty Tyrant at work.