Food  Movement  Sleep
Stillness  Connection  Joy

These 6 interconnected areas make up the Foundation of Wellness.

The Foundation of Wellness is a tool, a way of tracking or observing your life in an effort to improve the quality of it.  My intention behind the Foundation of Wellness and the wellness coaching process is not to achieve the perfect nutritional intake or to have the most sculpted body. I am not suggesting that using The Foundation of Wellness will equate to absolutely no health challenges. Rather it is a way to streamline and simplify your effort to be at your best.  By stepping back, viewing the six areas, and making minor adjustments, major life transformations can take place.   For example:   You may be putting in time at the gym or on the treadmill but see no changes in the way your clothes fit or the way that you feel. This could be tied to the quantity and quality of your sleep.

You may be plagued with chronic illnesses or are unable to fight off fatigue, colds, and viruses.  A long term underlying cause may lie in the amount of true joy in your life and the amount of time spent immersed in what you are called to do.   So, you may say this is idealistic.   I am stressed and haven’t been able to sleep well for some time. I have to work at a job that will pay my bills.  I’m busy I have no time to make changes.  I’m in this lifestyle too deep there’s no going back.

The coaching process breaks it down into manageable trackable steps.   The Foundation of Wellness is an incredibly easy template to follow.  Learn more about it. Feel more powerful by taking responsibility of your life and health.  It can and does work!

A raging internal conflict between acting on creative impulses or settling for the status quo can eventually cause physical illness.  Carolyn Myss