testimonials_laurie“With Jane’s support and guidance I’ve been able to quiet my life.  Spending those 10-15 minutes in the morning doing a simple meditation exercise and some stretching makes my whole day feel more relaxed.  Stillness and self-care give me greater peace and energy. Thank you Jane!”
~Laurie Pomerantz,  San Antonio, TX

“Jane has really helped me to integrate exercise and cleaner healthier eating into my life.  She will work with you on intelligent and safe exercise, not just what will burn the most calories in the moment.  I have been working out consistently for a year and know that it is a part of my life for the first time ever.  I can read food labels, understand ingredients, and feel confidant that I am making good choices on the foods that I eat.”
~Angela M., Chicago IL

testimonials_sharyn“Jane has helped me learn how to change my own life.  Jane and I  worked together by phone only for almost a year.  Jane helped me see a way of life – a framework – within which I get to choose my own destiny.  I direct my next steps, and I try my best to put things out into the world that will attract the things that I’m seeking in my life.

Jane Fijak is patient yet persistent, she’s flexible yet firm, she’s tolerant yet on task, informative and nurturing, easy going yet focused, she is subtle yet straightforward, a friend, a teacher, a sister and a coach……..a cheerleader and a mentor…….and most of the time the “one” that is exactly right for whatever the circumstances might be.

I knew that at the end of every week I had that time that we would check in – talk – share experiences – laugh, sometimes cry!  I was a bit skeptical of the “coaching” process going into it, but my sister helped talk me into it and I decided – why not?  I have to say that I was blown away  – OFTEN!  I could not believe the things that happened to me and around me, the people that came into my life, the “baby step” changes I was seeing in my everyday life.  I really liked it!  So I became more committed and so on and so on and so on……   I often hear her voice in my ear when things happen just the way that they are supposed to!”
~Sharyn Glazer, Dallas,TX

“I have come to question the meaning and purpose of our lives as we age and how meditation somehow helps to answer this. I guess a lot of people just try to run faster in order to avoid that, but I can’t.  One of my most treasured companions is the non-judgmental observer that I try to cultivate more and more.  And your voice (Jane) is the one I most often hear in my head.  None of my other teachers, great in their own ways, have introduced the stillness and discipline of meditation the way you did for me.  When I do kind of slip into that other state of being, it’s with the tools that you presented to me.”
~Laura Lamplough, St. Charles IL

testimonials_leslie“I’ve had the privilege of working with Jane as a wellness coach for over a year.  I don’t know if I can put into words just how much of a positive influence she had (and continues to have) in my life.   Her positive, compassionate guidance gave me the motivation I needed to keep working on the issues with which I struggled.  She encouraged me to journal which always seemed to be a challenge for me to remember. But when I did it, she’s right – it sure did help! It became a habit that I still do today.  It is a great tool to be able to look back on and see the progress I’ve made.

Our weekly coaching sessions were a time I came to look forward to (and occasionally dread fessing up to my over-indulgences). But once we talked about my mistakes, the weight was lifted and I could move on.  She never made me feel bad for my slip-ups, but rather tried to help me figure out how I could tackle those situations next time I experienced them.  We made a plan of attack and walked through how I would feel after conquering the situations successfully. Then when I would successfully gain control of that experience again, she would celebrate my success with me. And I’m not just talking about the big stuff like pounds or inches. When I had little triumphs that my husband didn’t really understand (like turning down the tray of brownies being passed around at work), Jane was there to cheer me on and celebrate how important those little things were to the big picture of my goals.

Even 6 months after our regular coaching sessions have ended, I still hear Jane’s encouraging words in my head when my doubt creeps in. She encouraged me to focus on positive mental imaging, which got me to a place where I could accept myself for who I am, regardless of my weight or my size. She showed me that I have struggles as does everyone else but if I keep moving forward I am making progress toward my goals.  I feel like Jane is my cheerleader and I can do anything I set my mind to.  I am a better person for having know her!”
~Leslie Sprague, Melbourne Beach FL

“To undertake anything new at 45 – and to stick with it -  can be challenging, to say the least.  However, Jane has facilitated both my husband’s and my venture into yoga and meditation and we have discovered that we love it!   After two years of sessions, our bodies and minds have transformed through her patient and watchful eye.

Mentally, through meditation instruction by Jane, we have reduced our stress levels and have been able to cope better.  She takes the time to thoroughly explain and then goes the extra step to ask about our thoughts and feelings to insure that each session is beneficial for every member of the group.  Jane has taught and guided us through the Ujjayi breath, several visualization techniques, as well as the power of channeling our chakra energy – techniques we now incorporate into everyday life.

I know I also speak for my husband when we enthusiastically recommend Jane Fijak as a well-qualified, caring, knowledgeable individual in the practice of yoga and meditation. and our week doesn’t feel complete without Jane’s class. Namaste’.”
~Heike and Ken Koppel, Chicago IL

testimonials_jessyI have had the desire to integrate spirituality, clean eating, and exercise into my life for the last few years. I have been able to successfully prioritize these elements due to guidance from my Mom. She has a wealth of knowledge and a gift for knowing what to suggest and how to approach each area.  Based on my struggles and goals my Mom has been able to offer me so much help like recipes, food and exercise ideas, focusing techniques, and lifestyle adjustments. I have also watched her over the years work on all of this personally and with others. She passed on to me many of the spiritual books that she has read and studied over the years that have inspired her and are now inspiring and helping me.  The first person I seek wisdom from is my mother because of her ability to appropriately guide me. We talk on the phone several times a week about my progress with meditation, spirituality, clean eating, exercise, and career goals. At 22 years old, it does not always seem easy to factor these values into my life nevertheless, I have made a great deal of progress and would like to thank her for that!
- Jessy Fijak  Panama City, Panama

praisepic“I brought Jane on at our company 2 years ago as part of our wellness initiative.  She has led weekly classes in yoga, meditation, and core conditioning.  The employees love her.  She is very good at adapting her classes to the needs of those in attendance.  She offers numerous techniques and practices for relaxation and stress reduction in her yoga and meditation classes.  Jane is patient and makes all in attendance feel comfortable; her classes are not intimidating, even for those who have never practiced yoga or meditation before.

I have personally benefited from Jane’s classes through increased flexibility, better balance, stress reduction, improved sleep and better focus.  I look forward to her classes!” Thanks Jane!
- Dana Burdenski, Chicago, IL