One of the most common excuses I hear from people about why they do not try meditation is “I won’t be able to meditate because I can’t clear my mind”. (EXCUSE #1) None of us would need it if indeed we could instantly and continually calm and clear the mind. The busier, the more agitated the mind the more reason to meditate.

 The goal of meditation is to cultivate a calmer body and mind and increase the space between thoughts, not to remove all thoughts.  It is the nature of the mind and ego to manufacture thoughts. This being said we do not have to be a slave to a racing mind day and night.  Meditation will slow down that constant feed of thoughts and stories that run through our minds.  It also allows the practitioner to increase self-awareness being able to distinguish between useful thoughts and those that do not serve us.  Meditation washes negativity out of our mind body complex.  Negative thoughts are reduced with continued practice by the cleansing healing effect of meditation.

Anyone can meditate, anyone and everyone. It is a practice that meets you exactly where you are just like yoga.

If your next excuse is:  I cannot sit cross-legged on the floor. (EXCUSE #2)  No problem, propping yourself up on cushions or blankets sometimes makes that possible or you can sit in a chair.

I cannot sit still. (EXCUSE #3)  You don’t have to sit perfectly still and the “antsier” you are, again even more reason to start a practice. With time, sitting still will come naturally.

I don’t have time. (EXCUSE #4)  Sitting for 1-5 minutes is a perfect place to start.  Too busy for that? Wow, you are a busy one. Take a couple minutes out of your TV time, wake up 2 minutes earlier, or a couple minutes before or after lunch will work.

Why do I really need to meditate?  My life is pretty darn good the way it is. (EXCUSE #5)

Dr. Wayne Dyer said in an interview on Hay House Radio recently that there is always room for improvement that you can always improve on good or better in all areas.

I believe this. Ultimately we don’t realize the far reaching potential of our lives, as complacency is often encouraged and an easier route to take.

.What to expect from practicing meditation….

A calmer more accepting attitude

Lower blood pressure

 Less emotional outbursts

Lower resting heart rate

 More control of your reactions

Release of muscle tension

 Increased positivity

Better concentration

Improved relationships

I could go on and on…

With some simple instruction and an easy technique to start with, (NEXT BLOG)

you can be on your way.