What does conscious eating really mean?  Well we know what eating is and one dictionary definition of conscious that I like is – having an awareness of one’s environment, existence, sensations and thoughts. Eating with full awareness and engagement in the process is conscious eating.

I started using the #conscious eating on Twitter a few months ago when posting about clean healthy eating. Others who care about the food they put in their bodies are doing the same. Doing a Google search before writing this I discovered there is a Conscious Eating yearly conference presented by United Poultry Concerns, which shines light on compassionate and wise choices in animal and fish farming. I love this phrase, plan to use it often, and hope it spreads.

Conscious Eating really has two dimensions. The first is fully recognizing the food that you are eating; what are all of the ingredients, where and how was the food sourced, is it organic, fresh, or genetically modified.  You can practice this without getting too paranoid or allowing it to negatively affect your relationship with food. Of course we all love to dine out and can’t always follow this to its fullest measure. Shopping for food at the stores that recognize the conscious eater’s demands helps to support this cause as well as frequenting restaurants that locally source as much of their food as possible.

This part of conscious eating really comes down to caring. Caring enough about yourself and your health to eat the best possible foods that you can and caring about how the consumption of that food affects animals and energy consumption. Were the animals raised humanely and without antibiotics or growth hormones? How many miles did your vegetables and other foods have to travel to get to your table?

Food fuels our body and affects every aspect of our health and wellness. Shouldn’t we REALLY CARE about it?

The second dimension of conscious eating is full awareness during the action of eating. 5This has always been a part of mindfulness meditation. This is also an important aspect to be considered when trying to drop weight and maintaining an appropriate weight. Savor the foods that are “treats” or decadent. Close your eyes and really taste the flavor, make the most of the moment. Being present with every bite helps us to appreciate and be grateful for the food we are blessed to be eating. Eating slowly which involves chewing fully will help you to be a conscious eater and aid in the digestion process.  I am nearly always the last to finish eating no matter who I am dining with. Many years back, reading that this could help with digestive issues, (which I had many) I got in and stayed in the slow eating lane. Join me and reap the benefits.


 Conscious Eating Improves

 Personal Awareness

World Awareness

Nutrition Consumption

Overall Health

Stress Management

Weight Management



Self Image